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Places to Go

Burning Bush Favorites

Why Burning Bush? Life is better outside! Let the creator impress you with who He is as you “turn aside” to see what He made. All of our adventures are designed to put some big time “WOW” in your life.

Rattlesnake Arches. 8-9 hours. Enjoy the arches from the top or the bottom! 2-4 miles total hiking.

White Wash Sand Dunes. 8-9 hours. The original all day roller coaster!

Paradigm Crater. 8-9 hours. Mind blowing rock formations. Indian caves. Uranium Mines. 1.5 miles total hiking.

Fisher Towers/Onion Creek. 8-9 hours. 22 water crossings in 5 miles. Unparalleled vistas. 2.5 mile optional hike

San Juan Adventures.